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Additional sample questions
1. Four of the following statements are descriptions of different components of the Working Memory
A. Stores acoustically coded items for a short period
B. Stores and deals with what items look like and the physical relationship…

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1. Outline two behaviours characteristic of an infant with
a. An insecure-resistant attachment type
b. An insecure-avoidant type (2+2 marks)
2. a. Outline key features of the evolutionary perspective explanation of attachment (6 marks)

b. Explain TWO limitations of the evolutionary perspective explanation of attachment (2+2 marks)

3. Lilieth…

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5. Ainsworth investigated attachment behaviour using a controlled observation called the Strange
Situation. This involved testing levels of stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. However, the
procedure has been accused of lacking validity.
a. Explain what is meant by the term validity (2 marks)
b. Explain why the Strange Situation may…

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a. Examine the letters in each of the lists and explain why the investigator selected the
letters in each list (3 marks)
b. For each participant, the number of correctly recalled letters from List 1 and List 2 was
entered on a table of results.

Participants Number of letters recalled…

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Specimen question paper
1. a. Using the list below, complete the table to distinguish between long-term memory and short-term
memory. (3 marks)

Up to a lifetime
7+/- 2 items
Mainly acoustic

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Mainly semantic
Short-term memory (STM) Long-term memory (LTM)




b. Using the multi-store model of memory, outline how information is transferred from short-term
memory to long-term memory. (2 marks)

2. a. Outline key features of the working memory model (6 marks)

b. Explain ONE strength of the…

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8. A psychologist wished to investigate early child development. She decided to interview some mothers
and ask them questions about their infants' social behaviour.

a. Explain ONE disadvantage of using an interview to collect these data (2 marks)

b. Write ONE question that the psychologist could ask the mothers about…

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Unit 1 January 2009
1) The following are all concepts relating to memory:

A. Duration
B. Capacity
C. Encoding
D. Retrieval
a. In the table below, write which ONE of the concepts listed above matches each definition (2 marks)
The length of time the memory store holds…

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b. Psychologists have carried out research into the use of cognitive interviews. One possible
ethical issue which might arise during this research is protection of participants from harm.
Explain how psychologists could deal with this ethical issue. (3 marks)
6) Ainsworth and Bell observed infants in an unfamiliar room…

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Unit 1 May 2009
1. Cognitive interviews have been developed to improve witness recall. Identify and explain TWO
techniques used in the cognitive interview (6 marks)
2. A brain scan shows that one area of the brain is more active when a person is doing a verbal task.




This is awesome! But do you have the mark scheme for these questions? :)



Do you have the markscheme for this? How do I check my answers.

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