Understanding Human Behaviour

Revision cards focusing on the main theorists in this Health and Social care unit. Each theory will then applied to a Health and Social Care setting, along with added questions. Please feel free to post comments so I can improve them - nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

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Factors influencing human development

There are a number of factors that can influence someone's human development. An example of this would be housing. If someone is living in poor housing conditions, i.e. damp, lack of electricity or heating, then they can become prone to illnesses. Asthma can also be affected deeply by environmental conditions so the in a health and social care setting the following examples could be applied:

A doctor taking a holistic approach to giving a diagnosis. This means looking at all the problems that could be affected the child, rather than just the actual illness and symptoms.

A nursery or any other service for early years should ensure that all their buildings are well-built and well-kept. For example a child with asthma should not suffer whilst being at a service provider's as it could hinder their health.

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Freud (Psychodynamic Approach)

Main concepts:

- our unconscious feelings direct the way we behave.

- Deeply influenced by our childhood experiences.

- We go through psychosexual stages of development (shown on next card)

Key Terms:

Oedipus (Boys) / Electra (Girls) complex: unconscious desire for same sex parent.

Penis Envy: fear of punishment for desires by SAME sex parent, i.e. castration.

ID - what gives us our 'i want' demands

Ego - tries to resolve conflicts between id and superego

superego - represents demands made by parents and society about how to behave

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Freud's Psychosexual Stages

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