Behavioural Perspective - Skinners Theory

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  • Behavioural Perspective - Skinners Theory
    • Key Words
      • Reinforcement
        • Making more likely
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Producing learning by careful and systematic use of reinforcement
      • Negative Reinforcement
        • A required behaviour learnt by the release or escape from an unpleasant stimulus
      • Shaping
        • The use of gradual steps towards acquiring the wanted behaviour
      • Positive Reinforcement
        • A required behaviour is followed by something the individual finds rewarding.
      • Reinforcer
        • Anything or something that raises the probability that the behanviour that proceded would occur again
    • Skinner
      • An American behaviourist psychologist.
      • Aimed to make psychology more scientific
      • Focused on behavioursim
      • Theory is an explanation of how changes in behaviour take place over a period of time due to consequences for example rewards are likely to cause repetition in behaviour
    • Evaluation of Theory
      • Positives
        • Empirical study support, that rewarding shapes future behaviour
        • Plausible, realisitc theory
        • Helps to apply to and explain a wide range of behaviour
      • Negatives
        • Explanation may not be correct due to limited research
        • Ignores cogntion such as understanding a situation therefore the theory is incomplete
        • Ignores biologial/ genetic influences
        • Research is focused on non humans
        • Behaviour can be learnt even if not reinforced i.e. modelling


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