Training year cards

Pre season- the run up to a new season, training needs to shift to incorporate more skills training and focusing on specific parts of fitness. 

pre season

  • Training before the training year begins in maybe july/august 
  • Include working on their fitness levels by using training methods
  • Netball club- fartlek training to focus on different speeds ready for the season.
  • would improve players performance- able to incorpet different speeds into their game and will have a stronger stamina 
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peak season

  • last from september- april 
  • When the league begins it is called a peak season 
  • Netballers- focus on skill levels
  • Training method- circuit training- to focus on different skills for example:shooting/passing 
  • improve perfomance- giving them enough time to focus on different tactics to help win the leauge.
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Post season

  • May/ June
  • This is after the season is over
  • Players have time to relax but keep healthy 
  • Still have to train so they are still fit for the next season
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Government influences

Sport England-  

  • set up by the government
  • Provides funding and facilities 
  • Netball club- national lottery for funding 
  • Give enough money for facilities- netball court. 
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An national governing bodies- England netball

England netball- 

  • Help provide training and support for coaches and officials. 
  • Increase participation- they would no all the rules ready for the competitions& be more confidence 
  • Less biased 
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The youth sport trust

  • Help the club by enhancing young peoples lives through sport
  • Gives them good leadership skills and volenteering skills
  • Miss tears could encourage players by sending them on trips so they no more rules of the game 
  • Partcipitations- more confidence and help other people suceed in netball.
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