Section 1: Fitness and Training

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Heart Rate

Heart Rate is the number of times the heart beats per minute.

Heart Rate is measured in beats per minute (bpm).

Doing exercise makes the heart beat faster.

Heart Rate can show the intensity a sports performer is working at.

The higher their heart rate, the greater the intensity of the exercise.

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Working Out Maximum Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate is the highest number of times that the heart can beat in one minute.

HR max = 220-age(years)

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Heart Rate Target Zones

A sports performer needs good cardiovascular health and fitness.

To do this they need to increase their training intensity.

This means that they need to increase their heart rate.

Their heart rate should be in a target zone when training.

The recommended target zone to develop cardiovascular health and fitness is 60-85% of their maximum heart rate. 

Upper Training Threshold= 85% HR Max

Lower Training Threshold=60% HR Max

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Working Out Target Zones

1) Calculate HR Max- HR Max=220-age(years)

2) Find the upper training threshold- Use this equation: HR Max x 0.85

3) Find the lower traing threshold- Use this equation:  HR Max x 0.6

4) Write down the target zone- lower training threshold-upper training threshold

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Estimating Heart Rate- The Borg RPE Scale

The Borg RPE Scale Equation-  HR (bpm) = RPE x 10

Estimating The Borg Scale Rating- RPE= HR (bpm) ÷ 10 

RPE- Rate of Percieved Exertion

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