Types of Training and how they work.

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Induction Training

  • recieve when you first start the job
  • covers health and safety
  • general information about the business
  • procedures and regulations
  • general culture and getting to know people
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On-the-job training

Training whilst doing the job (also known as "Sitting with Betty"

Learn through demonstrations and practice from an existing worker.


  • Cheaper
  • Don't lose workers
  • Repeats good practice


  • Can replicate bad practice
  • No new ideas
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Off-the-job training

Training away from the job often on a course

Often done through formal courses, independent instructions and often leads to qualifications for the worker


  • Brings in new ideas
  • Can be motivating for workers


  • Normally more expensive (costs!)
  • Workers are not avaliable to work
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