Topic 6c - Use of ICT in Healthcare


Topic 6c - Expert Systems

Knowledge Base                               Inference Engine                               User Interface


Will never retire

The computer does not forget/make mistakes - Remembers obscure cases of heart disease

Available 24/7

Computer can store much more info than a doctor can. Takes info from different sources to help diagnose and offer advice of symptoms/prescriptions


Expensive to set up and buy

Can make errors - e.g wrong dosage of drug for patient whose weight and age were swapped

Over reliance on IT system

Lack of personal contact

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Topic 6c - Body scanning

MRI - Provides high level of detail on tissue information - very good for detecting brain tumours

CAT - Produced 3D model of patient's bones and organs


Allows accurate diagnosis without need for surgery

Surgeon better prepared as knows what he's going to find before opening the body


Expensive to purchase/run

Have to keep still for long time in MRI

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Topic 6c - Blood Tracking

Blood bar coding allows the tracking of blood from its donation to its use


Can track a patient/donor if given bad blood

Makes sure patient gets right blood type


Damaged bar codes cause delays

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Topic 6c - Sensors

Sensors used in ITU units such as temperature, blood pressure


Allows 24/7 monitoring

Frees up staff


Calibration needed to check accuracy

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