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Factors and Consequences of ICT
Topic 16…read more

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· Influence on individual's interaction
· Breakdown of traditional culture of work
· Lack personal contact, although online
friendships can be made
· Able to share music, pictures and poetry
through YouTube, MySpace etc.…read more

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· Expensive to always be up-to-date with
equipment because it's constantly changing
· Organisations work more effectively ­ reduces
costs as fewer staff are needed and less office
· Failure to have the most up-to-date equipment
may cause the business to be uncompetitive
· Many retailers now don't accept cheques ­ card
payment = only alternative to cash
· Over-reliance can have a devastating impact on
economy…read more

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· Teleworking ­ reduces amount of traffic, reduce
carbon footprint
· Recycling unwanted equipment is a problem
· Now uneconomical to repair equipment, so
thrown away
· Initiatives to increase recycling with organisations
such as WEEE
· Reduce the amount of paper and ink etc. which is
· Reuse rather than just throw away hardware
· Recycle appropriately with WEEE and other
organisations ­ often free of charge…read more

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· Even if something is legal, it may be against the
ethics of the organisation
· Some employees waste time sending emails,
social networking etc.
· Auditing within some organisations takes place to
make sure time is not being wasted
· Internet = largely unregulated
· Some governments control what search engines
can deliver
· Consider the digital divide ­ `Buy one laptop, give
one' scheme ­ one laptop bought in developed
country, one sent to developing country…read more

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· Follow all the laws that govern the use of ICT
and allow for that in the budget
· Ensure procedures are in place
· Training is essential…read more

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