Topic 2: Analysis

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What is analysis?

Problem Identification

    • Describe clearly in detail what the problem is you are going to solve.
    • Identify who needs the solution to the problem. Person identifying the problem and asking for a solution is called the client. Give some information as to the context in which the client needs the solution.
    • Identify who will use the solution.
    • Identification of a client
      • person who needs the solution to an ICT problem which they have identified
    • Identification of the user
      • person who makes active use of an ICT solution to solve an ICT problem
      • active use means they alter the input and produce the output to use in some way
      • a user will: actively use the solution, alter the input, update content, use the output in some way
    • Identification of audience
      • Will only view the content
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Consider the skills of the user


  • age of users
  • ICT skills of users
  • language level used
  • type of user interface

Producing a list of client requirements

Interpreting the list of requirements

  • INPUT: input data will be needed and where will it come from and how will it get into the ICT system
  • PROCESS: what processing needs to be done on the input data in order to produce the output
  • OUTPUT: what information is needed in what format


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