AS ICT - Spreadsheet Modelling

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Topic 12 – Modeling

ICT Theory




What is a Spreadsheet?

A spread sheet is a table that can contain data; data can be stored using a Spreadsheet.

Features and Functions of a Spreadsheet:

  • Labels
  • Data Formats
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting numbers
  • Common formulas/standard functions
  • Relative and absolute cell references
  • Lookup, VLookup and Hlookup tables
  • Spinners, list boxes and combo boxes…
  • 3D Referencing
  •  Macros
  •  AutoFill Lists

Simulation Modelling:

Simulation Modelling:

Simulation Modelling is producing a series of mathematical equations which can be used to mimic real life situations.

There are many types of simulation modelling software from games to flight simulations, Models can be created to describe the flow of traffic at junctions and the output from the model can be used to alter the time that the traffic lights stay on green.

Uses of Simulation Modelling:

<strong>      Economic and financial models

o   Sales analysis

o   Break-even analysis

o   Modelling the effects of inflation

o   Working out depreciation

o   Working out the value of…




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