Topic 8 - Management Information Systems

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Topic 8 - Management Information Systems

MIS - Systems that convert data from internal or external sources, into infromation and resources designed to support the decisions of managers


  • Looking at pupil attendance figures to try and see if there are patterns and to ensure that less pupils truant
  • Look at exam results to try and find strategies to improve their target figures etc
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Factors that make a MIS good

Factors which can lead to a good MIS include the following:

  • Accuracy of the information produced usually dependant on the accuracy of the data input
  • Ability to allow managers to set up their own queries flexibly
  • Presents the data in an appropiate form, for example a graph, to make it easy to understand
  • Can be used by managers who have differing experience and skills in the use of ICT
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Factors that make a MIS poor

Factors which can lead to a poor MIS include the following:

  • Lack of training for managers means many managers do not use the system as they should
  • Inadequate initial analysis. The system does not do exactly what it should do.
  • Inadequate consultation with managers during the analysis of the system to find out what their requirements from the system are.
  • Inappropiate hardware or software being used. For example, the network may run slowly when processing the information needed when producing MIS reports
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