Topic 9 - Systems Life Cycle

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Topic 9 - System Maintenance

Perfective Maintenance - Improving the perfomance of the software

The software provider provides upgrades which will improve the performance of the software

Corrective Maintenance - Bugs in the software which were not discovered during testing may need correcting

A piece of software may crash when being used with another piece of software

Adaptive Maintenance - Software may need to be changed owing to the changing needs of the business or organisation

Adapting the software to work with newly developed operating systems software or new hardware

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Investigating a System/Feasibility Study

Interviews with managers about the current system

normally reveal how departments work overall now

To identify current problems

Inspection of records studying the paper based records

To see what information is held at present and how

To see how communications between different departments takes place now

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Investigating a System/Feasibility Study

Questionaires which are given out to customers to gather information on the company

Quicker to get a lot of data

Resposne rate from postal surveys is often poor

Observation of how the current system operates

So that one can understand what they do

Can be time consuming and span several weeks before you can see everything

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What should be included in System investigation

  • User requirements should be identified (aims and objectives)
  • identification of current problems with the system
  • Consider technical issues including: do they have equipment to implement, do they hae in house technical expertise, are there compatibility issues with existing systems
  • Potential improvements
  • Consider cost implications in terms of human resources, consultancy fees, training requirements, hardware upgrading
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Feasibiltiy Report

Feasibiltiy Report - Considers the request for a new system from different perspectives to determine whether it is worth the organsiation undertaking the project.

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