Topic 7 - Management of Change

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Topic 7 - Consequence of change

Work Patterns are altered

  • Reacting to global markets means being operational for 24 hours a day
  • Flexible working hours e.g. telesales work when people are home from their work

Internal Procedures are changed

  • Some staff that were internal administrators are now asked to deal with customers directly
  • Many ICT staff have to obey codes of conduct
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Consequence of change

Organisational structures change

  • Departments get restructured which means previously senior personnel get demoted whilst younger staff get promotions
  • Staff working groups may be split up affecting friendships

The workforce (anxiety) - fears introduced by change

  • Fears of health risks from working with computers, back problems etc
  • Fears of redundancy with lost jobs. Staff wages is the biggest cost to companies. Less staff are often needed to do the same amount of work once computers are introduced
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