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Emerging technologies & Future Developments

Emerging Technologies
An emerging technology is new or innovative technology not yet fully exploited in businesses.

Enabling Devices for Remote and Mobile Working

There have been huge developments in devices to help users carry out their work and keep in touch
when they're…

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-Ubiquitous computing (Devices seamlessly working together)
-Increase in processing power
-New storage methods (Flash memory)

-Advances in telecommunication (Instant transfer of information)

Benefits to Leisure from Technology Advances
-Digital Photography: Storage and printing of photos using a computer. Taking photos on mobile
phones, the quality have improved through the development…

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Potential Future Uses of ICT
- Passports contain encoded biometric data of facial characteristics.
- Fingertip identification is used to register pupils in some schools.
- The potential of the internet provides a challenge to businesses large & small.

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Issues surrounding the rapid development of ICT


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