A2 ICT Info 3 Topic 1

Basic revision for topic 1 Emerging Technologies and Future Developments 

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Topic 1
Emerging technologies & Future Developments
Emerging Technologies
An emerging technology is new or innovative technology not yet fully exploited in businesses.
Enabling Devices for Remote and Mobile Working
There have been huge developments in devices to help users carry out their work and keep in touch
when they're away from the office.
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) ­ This acts as an electronic organiser, which is portable and easy to
use. It can also share information with a PC.
Personal Information Management (PIM) ­ A PDA can be used for this to manage contacts and
Global-Positioning System (GPS) ­ This is used within a PDA, it uses satellites to find your location.
Smartphone ­ A small device which has become more popular. They have functions of a phone and a
A smart phone allows a user to:
-Send and receive email
-Send and receive instant messages
-Access the World Wide Web
-Communicate with remote computers
Mobile Dongle ­ A small device that plugs into a USB port. It helps gain access to the internet.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) -
Why ICT is rapidly moving
- Manufacturing industry always looking for quicker and efficient ways of tasks (CAD/CAM)
- Governments and organisations need a way to collect and analyse
- Retail organisations have needed a way to make customer purchases quicker and improve their
- Scientific organisations have needed to carry out complex calculations on large amounts of data.
- Business men have needed a way to keep in touch.
The Major Impacts
-Entertainment (music, tv, presentations)

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Ubiquitous computing (Devices seamlessly working together)
-Increase in processing power
-New storage methods (Flash memory)
-Advances in telecommunication (Instant transfer of information)
Benefits to Leisure from Technology Advances
-Digital Photography: Storage and printing of photos using a computer. Taking photos on mobile
phones, the quality have improved through the development of megapixels. Photos can be deleted:
costly using a disposable camera using film.
-Image processing software packages: Modification of images, changing the brightness, removing
red-eye.…read more

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Potential Future Uses of ICT
- Passports contain encoded biometric data of facial characteristics.
- Fingertip identification is used to register pupils in some schools.
- The potential of the internet provides a challenge to businesses large & small.…read more

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Issues surrounding the rapid development of ICT…read more


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