A2 ICT Past Paper Questions and Answers for WJEC

This document contains all of the past paper questions and answers from 2006 to 2015 for A2 ICT, exam board WJEC. If identical questions have been asked, the questions have only been entered once. However, if the question is similar but slightly different then both questions have been used. The past papers have been arranged into topics and subtopics within each topic as similar questions have been put together. On some questions, it askes for 2 examples but I have listed all possible answers and used bold to identify the ones that I would use in the exam.





Hi, this is the best source of revision i've read so far but the questions from the 2016 paper are missing. If you could update and add the 2016 questions for each topic it would be even better. Thanks.



Is there any for AS?



Note: In the remote management question in networks you will not get marks for

• Check on emails being sent when should be working

• Check on which sites employees visit

the mark scheme has changed since 2013!