TOPIC 2- Analysis

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  • The person who came to you with the problem
  • They want you to devise a solution
  • This is the person whom you'll have most contact with
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  • Uses the system
  • Updates/ edits the system
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  • Person who will view the system
  • The solution is aimed at them
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Structured observation or interview

Conduct a structured observation or interview with the client to find out:

  • General info
  • Current system
  • Resources available
  • Who will be using the system- Users- their level of ICT skills (users may require training)

Different users will require different needs (e.g. the public or employees)

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After you have gained the info...

After the structured observation or interview, detailed client requirements are drawn up. Then they sent to the client to ensure there is no misunderstanding about how long the solution will take to:

  • design
  • implement
  • test 
  • what sources are needed

Final stage is identification of IPO that the end solution will require

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Client requirements and Evaluation Criteria

  • What the client wants
  • Easily see what you are trying to solve
  • Check what you produced iis what the client wanted
  • Signed to agree
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