Tips for revising MS4

Just a little help to anyone whose stuck about how to go about the revision process. Trust I was there! But its been good so far :) 


(Main) Category- INDUSTRIES and case studies

  • Make a list of industries and their relevant case studies that you would be focusing on
  • Arrange your case studies accordingly
  • So all your Film related notes in one folder and Magazine industry related in another
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Sub category- Topics

Arrange sub catergories within your industry folder according to the following titles-

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethinicity/ race/ nationality
  • Narrative
  • Genre
  • Audience- Targeting and appeal
  • Audience- Effects, reception and response
  • Stardom
  • Marketing
  • Regulation
  • Distribution
  • Globalisation

If any of the sub categories has a lack of information on a particular case study text. Discard all the other ones as it is likely it won't be useful. For example, for the music industry my case study texts are- Duffy, Gorillaz and Dizzee Rascal. And if I try putting together a sub category on regulation, I failed miserably. I had enough information for Dizee Rascal but not enough to write an entire 30 mark essay!!

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*Past papers*

Now using past paper questions try and provide an A* response for each sub topic. The next few cards are past paper questions I digged out

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January 2011

Section A

Q.1 Explore the key representations in your chosen texts. 

Q.2 How do your chosen texts reinforce or challenge genre conventions? 

Section B

Q.1 How have your chosen texts been constructed to appeal to their audiences?

Q.2 To what extent have your chosen texts been affected by regulation issues? 

Q.3 With reference to your selected industry, explore the ways in which your chosen texts are marketed and/or promoted.

Q.4 What different pleasures do your chosen texts offer audiences?

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June 2011

Section A

A1. How stereotypical are the representations of gender in your chosen texts?

A2. How conventional is the narrative structure of your chosen texts?

Section B

B1. Explore the different ways in which audiences and/or users respond to your chosen texts.

B3. With reference to your selected industry, explore how far your chosen texts are global.

B2. To what extent is the success of your chosen texts dependent on stars and/or celebrities?

B4. Explore how your chosen texts use digital technology in their marketing.

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January 2012

Section A

A1: Explore the different representations of either men or age within your three main texts

A2: How important are characters to the narrative of your three main texts?

Section B

B1. Assess the main advantages of the internet for your three main texts.

B2. With reference to your three main texts, discuss the key features of their distribution.

B3. Explore the different ways your three main texts attract their audiences. 

B4. How global is the appeal of your three main texts? 

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Summer 2012

Section A

A1. Explore the different ways in which people are represented in your three main texts. 

A2. How typical are your three main texts of their genre?

Section B

B1. Discuss the audience appeal of your three main texts

B2. Explore the impact of regulation on your three main texts.

B3. How effectively were your three main texts marketed?

B4. ‘The main function of a media text is to entertain its audience.’ How true is this for your three main texts?

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Examiner's report

Examiners report are up on the WJEC website. Give them a read and see what they are looking for in an A* student

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Get a teacher to mark your esaays

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Once you've written an essay for all relevant sub category for each industry, got your feedback, create a mind map of important things that need to be inculded in the essay in form of an essay plan. It could include-

  • Key points
  • Relevant theories
  • Terminology
  • Key movie scenes/ magazine articles/ music lyrics etc
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Last but not least-

The good old POINT, EVIDENCE and EXPLAINATION format

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You'll pass with flying colours ;)


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