Digital Revision

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  • Digital Revolution
    • Techno-optimists
      • Internet is global, immediate & cheap
      • Interconnected
      • Crime Prevention
      • Self-representation
      • Military and politicians have greater accountability for their actions
      • Democratisation
      • Internet is great resource
      • Interactive opportunites
      • Hint Journalism
      • Accelerates speed of new availability
      • Citizen Journalism
      • Online exclusives
    • Techno-pessimists
      • Companies exploit internet for profit
      • Digital underclass excluded from new digital media
      • Excludes groups with limited ICT skills
      • Overload of information
      • New tech de-skill professionals
      • Developing countries do not have infrastructure for easy access
      • Digital divide exists
      • Open spirit of internet is dead
      • Inferior and limited 'free' choice - E.g Freeview
      • Socio-economic status- need money for internet
      • US Centric
    • Grey Area
      • Mass Surveillance
      • Public Sphere no longer restricted to the elite
      • Intellectual copyright is thing of past


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