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Technological convergence
This is technology that merges with other technical
services that don't link with each other
example: Netflix being streamed on
a playstation
gaming featured on streams like twitch
youtube on a switch
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This is a audience research institution. they collect
data of audience that view newspapers and
magazines. they usually use socio-economic
audience data for social class. it also provides data on the genders that view these products.
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This is a audience research company who specialise in data on audience views on Radios. find out who is listening, where they are listening and why. use geographic on UK radio shows.
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Audience research company that specialises in data for audience on UK television. they collect data on different tv shows on a tv channel and the views it gains during a week.
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What does BARB stand for?
Broadcast Audience Research Board.
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Market research
A activity or action to gain information of consumer's needs and preferences
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Examples of market research
Researching trends linked to that certain product
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plus example
the start of a movie where its a normal setting with not much happening. sets the scene and story at the start
Example: marvel opening scene of a happy family
doing normal activities
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Disruption to Equilibrium
plus example
something in the movie that disturbs the peace and gives the story interests. something that goes wrong.
Example: Marvel, when half the family just
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Recognition of disruption
realising what the problem is and what the danger is.
Example: Marvel have a meeting where they discus what the problem is and the danger of the
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Attempts to repair the damage
Trying to fix the problem and the dangerous situations.
Example: In marvel they try to solve it by killing Thanos
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New Equilibrium
If problem is solved then have a happy normal ending. or cliff hanger of a new problem
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Living stone & Lunt theory
Believe that regulation is good for keeping explicit content and violence away from the younger ages but this is challenged by globalised media culture. A film banned in a certain country could be released in another country as to then be streamed on ille
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Case studies
Batman dark knight. This film was rated a 12a. It got over 200 complaints about how it was too violent for this age rage to watch it. The BBFC said that they gave it this rating because it doesn’t feature any blood and just implies violence but is never s
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Example of the hidden violence in this chosen movie.
In the Batman dark knight. The joker smashes a mans head onto a pencil which is implied that it goes through his eye. The BBFC said that you do not see the pencil doing damage to the guys eye nor do you see blood so it is deemed as a 12a for just implying
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Multiple parent’s complained about this violence in this film. There were just over 200 complaints about this reason. Even though this many complaints didn’t come up until after the media claimed that they were getting complaints about this exact reason.
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Case study 2
Human centipede. This graphic and violent film was set to be released and views over by many regulation companies including the BBFC. How ever it didn’t get released in the uk full cut
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There wasn’t many outstanding media complaints but the main complaints were from the BBFC. When they viewed this movie before releasing they said it was too graphic and violent for even 18+ that they had to make 30 changes to this movie for it even to be
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Content shown in this movie
Cases of harming the male genitals with sand paper by self pleasure were featured as well as a mans teeth being smashed out with a hammer.
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Moral panics (Stanley Cohen)
A moral panic is an exaggerated fear that is caused by the media. That is spread from person to person
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Football fans. A news report was said that they reported on football fans as all being violent and something to worry about so people shared this putting an over exaggeration on the story so people got frightened of these football fans that now they say p
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Example 2
When corona virus came to be a threat. A media arrival came out that stock could possible go low on toilet paper. This caused people to panic and go panic buy toilet paper as to led there being actual no stock on toilet paper due to people panic buying th
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Cultivation theory (George gerbner)
Audiences perspective on the world change and their actions change too due to media and games. It has shown that video games and movies that feature violence make people violent because they are influenced by the actions shown in these certain products
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GTA is a very popular game. A man continuously played this game to the point he just wanted to see what it would be like to be a gta character. He went out and stole a vehicle to then kidnap a woman and crash into multiple vehicles. Which being said, he
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This is a audience research institution. they collect
data of audience that view newspapers and
magazines. they usually use socio-economic
audience data for social class. it also provides data on the genders that view these products.

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