Types of synthesisers

1) Monophonic 

2) Additive

3) Polyphonic 

4) Subtractive 

5) Oscillator 

6) Filter 

7) Amplifier 

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What is a Synthersiser

An elctronic sounf generating device. It is capable of crating synthetic sounds and can also manipulate synthetic sounds.

They come in and Analoug or Digital version. 

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LPF = ( low frequencie pass) All frequencies below cut off can pass through 

HPF ( high frequencie pass) = All frequencies abouve cut off can pass through 

Band Pass Filter = Combination of LPF and HPF all frequencies not affected by either pass through 

Notch Filter = Used to cut spesific frequencies exteme band pass

Shelving Filter = Tone Control on hifis and guitar amps

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More Filtering

Attack          Low                    Voltage 

Decay          Frequency           Controlled 

Sustain         Oscillator             Filter 




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Synthesiser Basic Waveforms

1) Sine------------------------

2) Triangle--------------------

3) Sawtooth------------------

4) Squar----------------------

5) Noise---------------------- 

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