Music technology

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What is sampling?

Sampling is a Digital recording of a sound which is has either been taken from pre-existing material or your own new recording of a sound. The process allows you to edit, manipulate and playback the digital sound.
Samplers are used to create loops, scratching, reverse, pitch shift and filter the source.

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What is lo-fi?

Lo-Fi stands for Low Fidelity and it is often used in hip hop music to create a poor quality recording. It is suited to the genre of music and therefore does not interfere with its performance.

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What is reverb?

Reverb is the depth of field in a recording. It enables the listener to get a sense of the overall space.

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What is slap back echo?

Slap back echo is a short repetition of the original signal. The delay unit can be analogue or digital. The delay is usually between 50-200ms in time.

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What was the first synthesizer?


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