Edexcel Music Technology AS


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Specific Topics for 2012


New Wave


Trip Hop

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Fuzz Distortion
- Sounds "fuzzy"

- Was made famous by Jimi Hendrix's fuzz pedal.

- Raw Edged

- Works best with solo lines because simultaneously sounding notes all interfere with each other, merging to create a dissonant sound.

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- Used for chordal passages and riffs

- Smoother than fuzz

- The "crunch" setting on amps

- Overdrive makes the guitar signal more "gritty"

- Used for blues rhythm playing

- Higher gain settings are used for lead guitar

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Overdubbing =
adding additional tracks to pre-recorded material

- Usually used on tracks like vocals to boost the volume or clarity and raise it up higher in the mix  

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ensuring there are no peaks or troughs in the volume level by setting a threshold

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The clash were one of the first artists in the original wave of british punk, with hits such as "London Calling".
They inspired 

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Parametic & graphic EQ

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The stage of a pre-amplifier that boosts the level of a signal at the beginning of the signal path.

A term commonly applied to any volume boost in the signal path.

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Tess Moseley- Roberts


why dos it say they inspired and then not answer the question?

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