Recording Techniques

Recording Techniques music tech exam

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Close Miking

  • In close miking, a microphone is placed relatively close to an instrument or sound source. This serves to reduce extraneous noise, including room reverberation, and is commonly used when attempting to record a number of separate instruments while keeping the signals separate, or when trying to avoid feedback in an amplified performance. The microphone is usually less than a foot away from the source, which can cause an increase in bass response (proximity effect).
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Ambient/Distant Miking

  • In ambient or distant miking, a microphone – typically a sensitive one – is placed at some distance from the sound source. The goal of this technique is to get a broader, natural mix of the sound source or sources, along with ambient sound, including reverberation from the room or hall.
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good, but perhaps some notes on the type of microphone/techniques on different instruments woud be useful.

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