Societal Effects of an Ageing Population


People are living for longer

  • Pressure on retirement homes---> more care workers.
  • More money- pensions, care workers, strain on NHS, Bus pass/fre prescriptions
  • Expansions---> hosiptals- medical insurance 


  • NHS
  • Transport 
  • Care homes      
  • Social care                               All strained and limited 
  • Mental health services
  • Council
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Ageing and Economic Factors

  • Life expectancy- 79.2 years- males and 83.3 years- females
  • There are as many over 65 year olds as 16 year olds
  • 1 in 3 babies born will reach 100 years 
  • The old age dependency has risen

What is the old dependency ratio?

  • This describes the ratio of people older than 65 versus the number of people working age 15-64
  • An increase in the older population and a longer life expectancy has resulted in fewer people of working age being available to support the needs of older people. 
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How an ageing population will affect Health and So

Health Care

Strain on NHS- more staff, more money needed for resources and medication

Community Resources

More money for public transport, wider range of leisure activities, need more staff to carry out activities

Social Work

More care homes, more social workers, need more money for the resources

Financial Support

More money into pensions, more money to care for individuals 

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