Skill Related Fitness - PE Short Course

Here are some revision cards with information on the Skill Related Fintess Components for the EDEXCEL PE Short Course. Hope these help you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :)

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The 6 Skill Related Fitness Components





Reaction Time


How to remember: At Christmas People Buy Really Thick Stockings

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Skill Related Fitness Definitions

Power = the ability to apply a combination of strength and speed in an action

Agility = the ability to change direction quickly and still keep control of the whole body

Balance = the ability to keep the body stable whether still, moving or in a different shape by keeping the centre of gravity over the base

Reaction Time = the time it takes to respond to a stimulus

Speed = the fastest rate a person can complete a task or cover a distance

Co-ordination = the ability to use two parts of the body at the same time

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It was useful, but you have said 'At Christmas People Buy Really Thick Socks' and there is no term for 'Thick', you have said there are seven rather than six.



@Faith the "really thick" is "reaction time" :)

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