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Physical Education Coursework
Content Questions
1. Key concepts in Physical Education
The main elements of physical education that are required are:
Competence ­ The relationship between skill, this selection and application of
skill, tactics and compositional ideas and the readiness of body and mind to
cope with physical activity.
Performance ­ using physical competence and knowledge and
understanding of physical activity to produce effective outcomes when
participating in physical activity.
Creativity ­ exploring and experimenting with techniques, tactics and
compositional ideas to produce efficient and effective outcomes.
Healthy, active lifestyle ­ Understanding the positive contributions that
regular, fit for purpose physical activity makes to the physical and mental
health of the individual.
To be competent in physical activities, you need to know the appropriate skills eg in
cricket you need to learn how to hit, catch, throw and bowl a ball. You also have to
know when to use these skills for example in cricket you need to know when to strike
the ball with the bat. Another type of competence is to use the appropriate tactics in
the activity eg concentrating where to bowl. You need to be fit enough to do the activity
effectively for example you should not get out of breath too easily when playing a
team game. Finally, to be competent you need to have the right metal approach eg
you need to show determination to finish the game.
The concept of performance in pe is about how well a task is related to the physical
activities is completed. Your performance can be good, average or poor depending on
many different factors. To perform well you need to be physically able to have good
skills for example in the school cricket team you can probably can run faster over
short distances and change direction well. You also need to know what is required to
perform your skills well, eg in the school cricket team you can probably read the game
well and appropriate runs at the right times. If your skill and knowledge and
understanding of the game are all good then you are likely to perform well and achieve
success, for example, you should get the opposition out or score a lot of runs to win
the game.
The concept of creativity in pe is concerned with using your imagination and trying
things out before deciding the best course of action. You might try different techniques
in the long run. For example when you find the technique to suit your own abilities you
will practice that technique in order to be successful. You might try different tactics in
cricket to se which one is the most effective and scores the most runs or gets the
opposition out quicker.eg take a shorter run up when you bowl to be more accurate,
or take you guard on a different stump (leg stump).
The concept of a healthy, active lifestyle is very important in pe. In cricket you may
recognise the link between physical activity and health. You need to understand that if
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It is well
known that physical activity can cause chemicals to be released that make us feel
happier and less anxious. It is also important for the activities you participate in to be
the right type for you, for example if you enjoy being with others and are completive
then a team game could well be an appropriate activity for you. Regular exercise is
well known for keeping the body fit and less prone to illness.
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Different types of decision makers:
Performer ­ cricket ­ trying to read the batsman's shot
Coach/leader ­ cricket ­ the use of substitute a player/retire
Official ­ cricket ­ 3rd umpire used if on field umpires can't make a decision.
Different roles in physical activity's:
The importance of abiding by the rules of behavior
The importance of etiquette and sportsmanship with applied practical
examples.…read more

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This process means developing the physical strength, stamina, speed and flexibility to
cope with the demands of different activities, eg following the fitness programme that
gives good all round fitness benefits. It also involves the mental determination to
succeed, for example having enough motivation to attend a challenging exercise
class.…read more

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Essential components:
Carbohydrates ­ theses are made up of chemical elements of carbon,
hydrogen and oxygen. Theses are very important to an athlete, especially in
exercise that is highly intense. They are stored in the muscles and the liver as
glycogen but limited amounts that need to be replenished.
Proteins ­ are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and some
contain minerals such as zinc. These are know as building blocks for body
tissue and are essential for repair.…read more

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Smoking ­ eg there might not be any smoking areas for staff to smoke to
avoid the customers
Alcohol ­ there might be alcohol on the premises where young students are
going to train and it can cause problems if miss used.…read more

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Key aspects of opportunities, pathways and participation in physical education are:
Levels of participation in sport and physical activity
Reasons for participation and nonparticipation
Specific social and cultural reasons affecting participation
School influences on participations
Identification of pathways for the involvements
Reasons for participation (positive)
Health reasons (management of stress, illness, well being, life expectancy
Parent/role model influences
Reasons for participation (negative)
Health reasons (including disability)
Peer pressure
Other pressures/interests
The technological/sedentary
Lack of confidence/self esteem
Lack…read more

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Environment ­ if you live in an area that has poor facilities or inappropriate
terrain, eg for outdoor actives, then you may be more less likely to get involved
Climate ­ this often dictates weather a certain type of activity is available. For
example instance, skiing is harder to arrange in areas where there is little or
no snow (although indoor or dryslopes skiing is an alternative possibility).…read more

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Intrinsic and extrinsic motivates to participate in different roles of participant, leader
and officials.…read more

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Saddle joint ­ carpalmetacarpal joint of the thumb ­ this is when a concave
surface meets a convex surface and is biaxial
Ranges of movement that are allowed by these joints:
Flexion ­ this refer to a decrease in the angle around the joint eg bend your
arm at the elbow and touch your shoulder
Extension ­this is when the angle of the bones that are moving (articulating
bones) is increased, eg when standing up from a stooped or squat position.…read more


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