Security measures in the leisure industry

what are safety measures

Safety measures vary depending on the size of the organisation 

They ensure the security of - 

1. Staff 

2. Customers 

3. Possessions 

what is the process of the employmnet of security teams 

  • Facilty managers idenify and evaliate security hazards for the building/location 
  • Once the hazards are idenified meausres can be considered to deal with security of staff and customers 
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What is it?

  • Deliberate Damage 
  • Hooligans, Protestors, angry crowds, terrorists 
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What is it?

  • Criminal deception 
  • fake money, forged cheques, use of stolen credit cards, fake tickets 
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Regular Occurances

What Regular Checks most occur in an organisation?

  • Insect Facilities 
  • Train staff 
  • Implement H and S Legislation 
  • Budget for H and S 
  • Deal with visitors and staff with special needs 
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