Barriers stopping people from doing leisure

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  • Barriers stopping people from doing leisure
    • Economic
      • a lower income means less leisure
    • Choice
      • your leisure choices are restricted by where you live, the quality and number of facilities close by or transport availible
    • Lifestyle and aspirations
      • lifestyle factors or lack of inspiration can prevent us from spending our time participation in leisure
    • Disability access and provision
      • there are many barriers to overcome if you are disabled and want to participate in sport and leisure
    • Equity and diversity
      • ethnicity
        • racism may prevent joining in or religious restrictions may affect what females are allowed to do (playing sport with men or showing their bodies in public when swimming)
      • social class
        • Certain sports may be restricted only to those on higher incomes or from higher social class eg Polo or water sports
      • gender
        • many sports are male dominated or girls do not feel sufficiently confident to join (body image and self esteem issues


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