Leisure Assignment 2

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  • What are the barriers stopping people from doing leisure?
    • Lifestyles
      • People who work lots of hours don't have much leisure time.
      • New parents don't have leisure time as they are constantly looking after children.
    • Equity & Diversity
      • Some sports are dominated by genders.
      • People of different races experience racism discouraging them to join in leisure.
      • People of different social classes have lower income giving them less availability for leisure.
    • Chioces
      • People don't have a lot of access to leisure.
      • Some places don't have many locations to do leisure limiting their chances to take part.
    • Economic Factors
      • People in poverty have low disposable income.
        • Students, elderly and unemployed people have low income.
      • 20% of the population is living in poverty.
      • It costs £8.80 an hour to effectively pay your way to live.
    • Disabilities
      • People don't have much confidence to do leisure.
      • Having disabilities makes it hard to get to places.


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