Leisure Studies UNIT 2

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Leisure Studies Unit 2 Revision Notes


Statute Law:is given by parliment

Commen Law:is decided in courts by judges,each of these judgements is called a 'precendant' these set the judges decisions for the future

Civil law:private rights if an individuals rights have come into question

Criminal laws:are enforced by the police and relate to what sociaty believes to be unacceptable

Duty of Care: It comes from the OLA (occupiars liberty act) which states that operaters require the responsobilty of looking after customers and suppliars while they are on their buisnness premises.

Safe Workplace:

Whats in a workplace..

  • Staff (appropriate equipment they must have correct mesures to follow)
  • Equipment (machinary which staff should be trained for and also saftey equipment in case of emergancy)
  • customers (They must be kept ina secure enviroment should anything go wrong measures should be in hand to compensate)
  • suppliers (they have to be covered in security while they are on the premises)
  • enviroment (litter and waste disposal 'green image')

Benifits of having a safer working enviroment:

  • Lower insurence premiums
  • Staff take less time off work because of accidents
  • Sales and job apllications go up because of the staff care image

The Heatlh and Safety Executive (HSE):national goverment organisation,

The Executive's duties are to:

  • Assist and encourage persons concerned with matters relevant to the operation of the objectives of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.
  • Make arrangements for and encourage research and publication, training and information in connection with its work.
  • Make arrangements for securing government departments, employers, employees, their respective representative organisations, and other persons are provided with an information and advisory service and are kept informed of, and adequately advised on such matters.
  • Propose regulations.

Local authorites:they have the enforcment powers to inspect any leisure premises

UK Parliment Acts:

  • The Health and Safety Work Act 1974
  • The Contro of Substances Hazzardous to Health 1994
  • The Reporting on Injuries,Diseases and Dangerous occurences regulations 

HSE Inspectors : They are usually very good when it comes to safty to do with any fires or crowd control, they are responsible for reporting anything that could cause potential harm or injury during an inspection.

FOOD SAFETY ACT 1990:For some leisure industrys  this is a large source of income,but before this act staders of food,storage,service,hygiene and quality of leisure were very poor. This act requires providers to ensure that

  • Food that is produced is is fit for consumption i.e not past its sell by date or contaminated
  • The food contents are clear
  • if food is genetically modified we are informed 
  • handling,transport,packaging and presenting are all done with attention to hygiene cards
  • all staff are trained in food hygiene practices and gain a food hygiene certificate

CHILDREN ACT 1989:Children are great consumers of leisure activities.This requires this act to include these ponts:

  • adequate social servics are accesibble
  • people providing child care and minding are properly qualified and certified
  • information on child protection is circulated
  • day care facilites are


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