sanitary reform movement clean party vs dirty party

notes on the beliefs of the clean party and the dirty party

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clean party

  • supported reform (cleaning up towns)
  • 1844 health of towns association set up

         - campaigned for healthier conditions in towns

         -pressured government to pass a public health bill

  • supported chadwicks ideas
  • government produced a public health bill in 1847 due to the pressure from the health of twns association
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dirty party

  • opposed reform (supported laissez-faire attitudes)

         - not the governments responsiblity to clean up towns

         - cost too much

  • believed that the poor should help themselves
  • poor coldn't vote so government didn't see a reason to help them
  • opposed the public health bill of 1847
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I think the dating on these cards are wrong as the 1st public health reform was 1848 not 1847

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