Medicine Through Time - Complete set of notes (Prehistoric - Impact of the NHS)

Complete set of notes written by myself for GCSE History course 'Medicine Through Time' for exam board OCR. Topics cover:

  • Prehistoric and Aboriginal Medicine
  • Ancient Egyptian and Greek Medicine
  • The Four Humours
  • Roman Medicine and Galen
  • Collapse of the Roman Empire and Galen
  • Medieval Medicine
  • The Black Death
  • The Renaissance and Surgery in the Middle Ages
  • Ambroise Pare
  • William Harvey
  • 18th Century Medicine and Inoculation
  • Edward Jenner and Vaccination
  • Discovering the Cause of Disease and Spontaneous Generation
  • Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur
  • Magic Bullets
  • Penicillin
  • Surgery Before 19th Century and Anaestetics
  • Antiseptic and Aseptic Surgery
  • How did World War 1 Improve Surgery
  • Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
  • Women Doctors in the 1800s
  • The Stages of Women Entering the Medical Profession
  • Public Health
  • Edwin Chadwich and William Farr
  • John Snow and Cholera
  • Why Public Health Was Finally Improved
  • Liberal Reforms
  • The Impact of War on the Government
  • The NHS
  • Created by: Erika
  • Created on: 15-08-12 21:47


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