Medicine Through Time GCSE History

Powerpoint summary of the whole of medicine through time

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Medicine Through Time…read more

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EGYPTIANS…read more

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Beliefs on causes of disease
· They believed that many diseases were caused by evil spirits
entering the body.
Evidence: Papyrus Ebers and Books of Thoth
· Doctors believed that the human body may be full of
channels, (as they knew their were vessels carrying blood and
other things) like the irrigation system of the River Nile.
· They thought that if the channels got blocked, a person
became ill in the way that if an irrigation channel gets
blocked, water cannot flow to the crops.
Evidence: Papyrus Ebers and Nile…read more

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Treatments Used
Treatment Illness Evidence Natural/Supernatural
Drugs and charms Any illness Papyrus Ebers Supernatural (to ward
off spirts)
Inhaled smoke Chest problems Medical papyri Natural
Cutting and Swellings and Papyrus Ebers Natural
removing lumps tumors
Purges Clearing blockages Papyrus Ebers Natural (Nile)
Ointments Skin conditions Medical Papyri Natural…read more

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New Features
Egyptians had specific people to treat the sick. These were mostly
priests. Evidence: Papyrus Ebers.
Priests would wash a few times a day, changed clothes regularly and
shave their whole bodies which prevented lice- however this was
more for religious and comfort reasons than a link to hygiene.
Some anatomy knowledge
They had some anatomical knowledge because of their religious
beliefs which required them to keep dead bodies in good condition
(as they would be needed in the afterlife). They took out major
organs such as brain, heart, liver, lungs.
Physical causes of disease
Evidence: Papyrus Ebers.
Form of writing
Hieroglyphics meant they could record medical findings.…read more

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Factors Affecting Medicine
Factor Effect Helped/Hindered
Settlers- lived in cities and Efficient farming meant Helped.
developed farming people could stay in on
place and devote most or
all of their life to medicine.
Religion Taking out all major organs Helped.
meant knowledge was
gained of basic anatomy.
Religion Hindered knowledge of Hindered.
anatomy because bodies
could not be dissected
(body must be preserved
for afterlife).
Location: River Nile Helped them think of the Helped.
body as a series of
channels.…read more

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