Roman kings



Religous initiatives

  • repuation for piety and justice
  • Dionysis says Numa married a goddess named Egeriga who advised him on how to     govern Rome with religion
  •  Allegedly created a priesthood for Mars, Romulus and Quirinus
  • Created the pontiff to look after religious practices in Rome
  • introduced vestal virgins
  • Livy suggests that Numa created the luna calendar
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Tullus Hostilius

  • Gave land to homeless citizens and built new farms
  • expanded rome with victories over Alba and Sabines
  • Built a new settlementon th Caelian hill
  • Built a new senate house
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  • Published laws on oak boards around the city
  • gave the people a greater say in foreign affairs 
  • defended rome successfully
  • Captured the latin city of Politirium and destoryed it so it couldnt be used against them
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Tarquinius Priscus


  • added 100 men to the senate
  • built the circus maximus
  • at the age of 80 priscus was urdered by ancus' sons


  • construction of the Circus Maximus allowed priscus to have more people at festivals
  • the forum was extended and shops and colonanades were built
  • open air sewer was built


  • increased the number of vestal virgins to 6
  • introduced harsher punishments for vestals who broke their vow
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Servius Tullius


  • Introduced the census
  • Changed the voting system to votes being cast according to wealth


  • new tribal system
  • added two new areas to the city


  • built the Temple of Diana with a number of latin countries
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Tarquinius Superbus


  • seized the throne by force, never got approval of the senate
  • Anyone who threatened his control of rome would be accused of capital crime
  • senates influence decreased
  • refused to bury servius
  • plebeians were treated badly
  • removed the census
  • banned religious ceremonies
  • turned plebeians into labourers


  • enlarged romes empire
  • defeated the Volsci
  • son's conquest of Gabii is important 

Religious and social

  • completed the Cloaca Maximus
  • extended the circus maximus
  • built a number of temples
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