The NEW Roman republic

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So because there's no kings anymore I feel like these notes might get slightly less entertaining and biased :((

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  • Magistrates- like replacement kings because they had the powers and responsiblities of the kings.
  • Lictors- Magistrate guards who carried fasces (symbol of fascism)
  • Consuls- elected for 1 year, like kings but without law-making, building programmes and taxation. there were 2 of them. basically- they do 1/2 the work of a king, but they need to replace the king. solution? 2 of 'em. (don't take me seriously im joking it's actually so one of them didn't get uber-powerful)
  • Censors- lasted 5 years, they did the census. it tells you how rich the overall population is. they did building projects and didn't get lictors
  • Dictators- elected for 6 months in time of emergency. name describes it, a DICTATOR with total power
  • Master of the Horse- dictator's deputy to make sure the dictator's power didn't go to their head.



-after being exiled, superbus joins 'the latin league', like the eu of rome. wanted peace and trade

-allies with lars porsena (like that name just sounds slimy he's clearly evil) of clusium



Superbus- Etruscan allies. An ARMY!
Valerius- Roman army
Brutus- cavalry

superbus' son, arruns, sees brutus as he's surrounded by lictors. these lictors are pretty bad at their job, because arruns kills brutus and brutus kills arruns. 

valerius drives the tarquinii away for the time being!! he buries brutus' body. he doesn't look for a replacement for a good while though... 


-publius valerius, a good man!

-he makes all sorts of pleb-friendly laws (look at this set: How were plebs treated in early Rome?? - Flashcards in GCSE Ancient History (

-gets name publicola becuase