Servius Tullius 578-535 BCE, King #6

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This guy has... debated beginnings.

In one version, Servius is a slave boy whose head caught on fire but didn't burn while he was sleeping!! Tarquinius Priscus' wife saw this and he basically got adopted by the royal family, because he'd save the royal family in their hour of need.

Another version (Livy's one) goes that Tullius was the son of a general, and when the general died and his pregnant wife stayed with a friend of hers in Rome, Tanaquil.

Another version (for some reason, people doubt this happened) "Another myth suggested that Servius was conceived when his mother was impregnated by a divine phallus which rose from the fire." Yep. This is Roooome...

Anyway, this kid with questionable beginnings grows up and when his adoptive (?) dad dies by the hands of Ancus' sons, his mum? adoptive mum? we don't know,