religious studies - religion and life (christianity and islam)

key words - our school teaches us to write 4 point to gain the 2 marks, which for most of the i have written, however the bold ones are the main point.

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  • not being sure whether God exists
  • a position of belief
  • this persons sees both sides of the arguement - science and religion
  • scientific evidence can lead to agnosticism as it explains how the world and how humans came to be, without any reference to god
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  • believing that god does not exist
  • describes a position of belief
  • these people generally believe in the scientific explanation
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  • an attempt to contact God
  • this is usually through words or meditation
  • a person may feel that their hopes have been answeres or may feel a sense of inner peace or wonder
  • this can be alone or with others
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  • when your life is changed by giving yourself to God
  • the person before is usually unsure or doesn't believe in God
  • an event such as a miracle could make this happen
  • a key example is: when St. Paul (before this was called Saul and was highly Jewish) was on the road to Damascus and Jesus spoke to him from a bright light in the sky, telling him to become a christian - he had little choice but to believe in God.


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  • the feeling of the presence of something greater than you
  • this is usually seen as "God"
  • an example would be a beautiful sight which makes you think of a creator
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  • something which seems to break the laws of science and makes you think only God could habe done it
  • a key example is: the Lourdes miracle - the emaculate conception revealed to Bernadet in a vision at Lourdes (1858), now a religios mark
  • the event must have a beneficial outcome
  • is a religous experience
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moral evil

  • actions done by humans which cause suffering
  • an example would be ****, murder or theft
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natural evil

  • things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans
  • an example would be an earthquake
  • these events could make something lose thier faith in God
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free will

  • the idea that human beings are free to make thier own decisions
  • this is commonly used as an explanation to why there is evil in the world
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Sahra 'Crayzii' Ahmed


this really helped me alot




This is really good, thanks :)

Miss KHP


Do you need some support of what certain words mean like atheist and agnostic?

Well have a read of this. It is always important to clear up any confusions as you are studying a topic, so this may just be a fit of fun whilst you are revsing RE.

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