Christianity Religion and the media questions

 OCR B religious studies ethics 2

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Christianity Religion and the media questions OCR B religious studies ethics 2
The questions are split into 5 parts. In the exam you would answer one question from each
section (A, B, C, D and E). This should take no longer than 30mins as you also have to
answer another part AE on a different topic. (Religion, peace and justice or religion and
equality) You also have 30mins on this. (1 hour exam) make sure you only answer the
religion you know.
The examples I use are from different topics and religions. They are there to give you an
idea on the structure of the answers you need to give.
Part A
These are worth 1 mark. They ask you to define what an important term means. Your
answer should be short and to the point but make sure you define the term properly. E.g.
what is divorce? The formal ending of a marriage
1. What is media?
2. What is freedom of speech?
3. What is censorship
Part B
These are worth 2 marks. You get marks for making a couple of short points. The question
may not ask for two points but as there are two marks try to put to different points.
E.g. describe Jewish attitudes to euthanasia? Judaism is generally against euthanasiaonly
Gd is supposed to decide when life ends. But in cases where someone is on lifesupport
without any chance of improvement it may be acceptable to remove this support.
1. What different forms of media are there?
2. How might the media influence people?
3. Why might a news report not tell a story fairly?
4. Give two purposes for which Christians use the media
5. Give two reasons why printed material might be censored.
Part C
These are worth 3 might ask you about the practices or teachings of a religion.
Make sure you are specific about your religion.
E.g. what does Islam teach about charity? Muslims are expected to help those in need.
Zakah is one of the five pillars of Islam, which states that all Muslims should give a
percentage of their yearly savings to the poor, regardless of how wealthy they are. Muslims
believe that all possessions in the end belong to Allah, and should be used for the benefit of
1. How is Christianity portrayed in the media?
2. How are Christian leaders portrayed in the media?
3. Why might a religious person object to how a religious character is portrayed in a
television drama?
Part D
These are worth 6 marks. You have to explain and develop your points. Try to use relevant
specialist vocabulary in your answers. You should try to use good grammar, spelling and
punctuation. You should think about the points you are going to cover before you start
E.g. explain the Christian concept of a just war?

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Christians have developed the concept of a `just war' to help them decide when it is
acceptable for a Christian nation to get involved in a war.
According to the catechism of the Roman Catholic, there are five conditions that need to be
satisfied for a war to be just. The war must be declared by a proper authority (i.e. a
legitimate government). There must be a just cause, e.g. it must prevent severe damage.
Fighting must be a last resort.…read more


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