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Shannon Brown

Religion and Community Cohesion

Why have attitudes changed?
During the World Wars women had to take on many of the jobs previously done by men and
did them just as well.
The work of the suffragette movement to gain equal voting and political rights for women
showed the…

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Shannon Brown

Qur'an teaches that women have been created to bear children and men to provide for
It is traditional for only men to attend mosque and to be imams.

Modern Attitudes
Women have equal roles in religion and education (Qur'an teaches). Women's role as a mother
should always…

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Shannon Brown

Without it different groups in society have different visions of what the society should be
like and this can lead to violence.
In countries without community cohesion violence becomes a way of life.
Society without it becomes more divided.

Why Christians should help to promote racial harmony


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Shannon Brown

They believe their religion is the only true religion
They believe that everyone should go to heaven and the only way for followers of other
religions to get there is conversion.
Their holy books teach them that they should convert non-believers.

Try to convert other religions can cause…


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