Religious Studies: Religion and Early Life

Religion and Early Life 

Abortion - An operation which involves removing a foetus from it's mothers womb to stop it living, in a simple form, it ends a pregnancy so the child cannot live.

Foetus - Child growing inside the mother 
Womb - Part of a woman's body where the baby grows
Embryo - Fertilised egg  

Religious believers highly value the concept of the Sanctity of Life, a theory that appears very much in this area of Religious Studies. In regards to this topic, life is disrespectful  too precious to be ended by an abortion. Life is a gift from God so having an abortion means that you are destroying the gift. Having an abortion isto God and his gift of life. Evidence for Sanctity of Life from the religious holy books are as follows:

Christianity: "Your body is a temple of God...surely you know that God's spirit lives within you." Corinthians 3:16-17

Islam: "Do not take life...which Allah has made sacred...except for just cause" Sura 17:33 

Both of these religions believe that: 
All life comes from God and thus should be protected.
Life is special and precious and therefore needs to be cherished.
God is in charge of life. Only he should decide when it starts and ends.
God has plans for all people's lives. Everyone has a purpose and value.

When does life start?

Christian View - Catholic 

At conception, when the sperm fertilises the egg and forms an embryo. 

Islamic View 

They believe that life begins at conception but it isn't until the fourth month of pregnancy that the baby goes through ensoulment as is completely equal to the mother. 

UK Law  

Could take place up to the 28th week of pregnancy. After the 24th week


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