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Who are we?

people who believe in god = theists

people who dnt believe in god = atheists

main religions:

Hinduism (Shiva), Judaism (Yahweh), Christianity, Islam (Allah)

God is trinity of 3 persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.(this is a mystery)

Jesus is god

Christian Denominations: roman catholic, methodist, baptist, new covenant

Assumption Convent = Catholic school

Catholics worship @ holy mass

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ash Wednesday = beginning of season lent

lent = 40 days

prepares us for easter

wen go to churcch priest wil make a cross on forheads & say:

repent & believe the good news

ash is made from branches which were used on Palm Sunday

ashes remind us: a whole year has passed & we need 2 repent the tyms we hav failed 2 love.

wen we repent our sins are forgiven!

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Lent 2

3 themes of lent: pray, fasting, alms giving - sacrifice

Prayer: speaking & listening 2 god

Fasting: giving up luxuries 2 show we care 4 the less fortunate

During lent Catholics r expected 2 fast & abstain from eating meat on ash Wednesday.

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7 Sacraments

If someone says i love you how do you know they mean it?

If someone says i'm sorry how do you know they mean it?

Church uses actions 2 show gods love for us...(sacraments)

Baptism (initiation)

Holly Communion (initiation)

Confirmation (initiation)

Anointing of the sick (healing)

reconciliation (healing)

Marriage (vocation)

Holy Orders (vocation)

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Holly Communion

  • person must b a Baptized Christian
  • person must have received instruction, understood and excepted all teaching of catholic church
  • person must have been received formally a first holy communion
  • person must be free or mortal (serious) sin
  • person must fast for one hour beforehand

If person does not adhere to even one condition in the list above, that person must not receive holly communion in the catholic church!!...

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The Trinity

god always existed

god was never created

christians belive in one god: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

There are not 3 gods

There are 3 persons in one god

this is a mystery of faith

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The incarnation

  • second person of trinity, the son left heaven 2 become a human being
  • he was conceived in womb of mother, Mary by power of Holy Spirit and given the name Jesus which means God saves
  • he had a human mother but no human father. Joseph was his foster father
  • Jesus always existed as god in heaven (now god takes human flesh and lives on earth as true god and true man)
  • This is called mystery of the incarnation
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