RE-Revision Notes, Friday 1st April

Revision Questions:-

1)Write about a plac that fills you with ore and wonder?

2)Describe 1 creation story?-why,what,who?

3)Religious views on animals?

4)Religious views on global warming?

5) Do you think that we have a responsibility to care for the planet?-why and how?

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1)Write about a place that fills you with awe and

Most people would pick sky scrapers, land marks or spectacular features of nature, but to me the most capturing place is probably Gambia, in West Africa, I've being going there all my life and to me its my second home.

I wouldn't say the awe and wonder it makes me feel is good, and in many ways its mostly sad and shocking. It makes you got "how do people live like this?!" For a 3rd world country Gambia is very well set up but, there are still many dieing a day. But what really gets you through is half of the people are still smiling even though they have nothing, hardly any money, food or water.

It was last year, and we were picking up a friend back to there compound (as they call a house/hut there) and we got invited inside. It was a an alright place the gate was falling of it's hinges and the walls looked like they were about to go but I thought to myself "this is Gambia" and carried on, there were heaps of washing hung on wooden sticks and what looked like thread and you could hear the sound of laughter, as a lot of children were playing out side.

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 The door was a wooden old plank that had numerous holes in and also looked like it was soon to collapse, as we walked through there were about 4 woman standing there doing the washing as we were asking many question; To be quite honest the house was empty, just a few cotton sheets lay on the floor, a small stove was in the corner and a few cupboards but nothing else "I felt like saying, wheres you TV, beds, mattresses, fridge, computer?" but the lady spoke to soon she exclaimed "This is it..."          It took me days to get my head around it I was shell shocked, many of the people in our friends compound were suffering form HIV and Malaria and were told they couldn't be treated, but the thing that shocked me is what I thought were necessity's in life were really just, thing that people in Gambia couldn't afford. I mean imagine sleeping on a concrete floor with no mosquito net, no protection  other than a scratty old bed sheet imagine no chairs, no tables only the floor, imagine having to starve for at least a day without food or water in a humid and hot enforcement. That's just it we cant, we take to many things for granted and to think some people don't even have a bed to sleep on. That's why it fills me with awe and wonder it makes me think "How do they live like this?!" and "If this is a better off 3rd world country imagine worse"... 

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2) Creation story?-who,what,why?

Most of the world's religions have different stories on how they think the world was created, Sikhism is based on the idea of 'Oneness of Creation'. Sikhs believe the universe was made by Waheguru (god) who created the earth and all forms of life on it.

They believe that before the creation, there was no earth, no sky, no sun and no life. Only Waheguru existed, until he decided to create the world. Then Waheguru created everything by a single word:

Waheguru is in charge and causes the birth, life and death of everything. There is no single aspect of the earth which Waheguru does not care for. Sikhism believe that all creatures lead their lives under the rule of the Waheguru.

'Even creatures in rocks and stones are well provided for. Birds who fly thousands of miles away leaving their young ones behind know that they would be sustained and taught to fend for themselves by God.' - Guru Arjan

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'Waheguru spoke once and there was creation'

Waheguru is responsible for all of creation and everything in and on the earth belongs to Waheguru. Waheguru is in charge of all life and without his hukam (will) nothing can exist, change or development.

Since creating the world Waheguru has cared for it he looks after it and protects it.

 It does not matter to a Sikh whether earth was created in seven days or it evolved in 4 billion years. If the earth was created then God created the earth and if the earth was evolved then God created the evolution of the earth. In addition, Guru Granth Sahib (The Holy Scripture of Sikhs) states remarkable information about the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and the moons. None of the information written in the scripture contradicts with the scientific facts.

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4)Religious views on animals?

 For Christians there is a strict interpretation of the biblical teaching of what they think of and how they treat animals:-

-Man is superior to animals

-Animals can therefore be in accordance with mans wishes eg. as food, transport, clothes and entertainment.


Modern Christians, generally take a much more pro-animal line. They think that any unnecessary mistreatment of animals for example; beating, not feeding, keeping in unsuitable environments and humanisation of animals eg dressing them head to toe in designer brands is both sinful and morally wrong.

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3)Religious views on global warming?

To highlight how rising temperatures, melting sea ice, changing wildlife, and other effects of global warming are altering life for the native peoples of the Arctic..

'Global warming is killing us too' said the Inuits in 2003.

The Inuit people of Canada and Alaska launched a human rights case against the Bush administration claiming they face extinction because of Global Warming on the 11th of December 2003. They invited some Washington Inter American commission on Human rights to visit the Arctic circle to see the devastation being caused by Global warming.

Among the problems the Inuits face is permafrost melting,which has made houses, roads and communities collapse but they still claim 'we have lived in this region for centuries and we will continue to, as the climate changes we will adapt.

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5)Do you think we have a responsibility to look af

It is not our planet,no one owns it and because we do not own it ,it is up to every one of us to treat it with respect and do all we can to keep it a decent unpolluted place.We belong to this planet not the other way round. The planet doesn't need us but we need it . We respect other peoples property, well most of us do, so we must respect the planet . If we don't the planet will hit back and it's humans that will loose .Humanity is not the most important life form and no other life form is so destructive as humans ,we need to acknowledge that and stop the destruction now. We need to start cutting down on waste and start thinking of ideas to help the future generations, and cut down on the amount of energy we are using otherwise we will be killing our own children and most importantly we are killing our planet.

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