Religious Education Notes: Luke 1

A look at the Gospel Luke


Announcement of The Birth of John the Baptist and

  • Zechariah was a priest.
  • His wife was Elizabeth, a daughter of Aaron. She was barren and very old
  • God's angel came to him and told him that they were to have a child
  • Zechariah laughed and doubted and because of that, he was to be deaf until the child was born.
  • It was to be named John.
  • In the sixth month of  Elizabeth's pregnancy, an angel was sent to Nazareth to a virgin named Mary, who was married to Joseph.
  • She was told that she was going to bear a son who is going to be the Son of The Most High - The Messiah
  • He was to be called Jesus
  • Mary then went to Judah at Elizabeth's house
  • When Elizabeth saw her, her baby kicked in her stomach and she was pleased
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