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What is the value of religion in a secular society?


Britain is a secular society - agree/ disagree?

Secular - something separate from religious beliefs and practices.

"Britain is a secular society"

A religious believer may agree because many public places are now open on Sunday which is known as a Christains Holy Day.

People now seem to be much more interested in going out and having a good time rather than going to a place of worship.

Over the years many people have become increasingly influenced by the media and with the constant improvement of technology many people would taher worship online.

A religous believer may alos agree because thay may think about how they used to live to the religious principles but may wonder why they don't today.


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Why some people believe in God

Some people are brought up Christian.

Belief that God is revealed through The Bible.

People claim to have experienced Miracles.

People think the World could'nt have been created by chance, must be a designer.

No evidence to disaprove the existence of God

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Why some people don't believe in God

No Experience

Holy Books contradict themselves

No proof that God exists

An idea from the past

Science proves most things

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