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Myth A story that has universal truths. Often very old and passed on from generation to
Universal Truth Messages that lie behind the details of a story. Believed to be timeless and
relevant to all people in all times.
Genesis The first book of the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah. Tells the story of creation and
the early history of the Jewish people
Creation The belief that the universe was deliberately made by a higher being, according to a
set plan. Leads to belief in a Creator, for most modern believers this is God.
Justice Injustice Fairness and equality. Absence of discrimination and fair treatment by the
legal system Unfairness and inequality. Where the legal system is set up to discriminate or
treat unfairly.
Segregation Separation of different genders or races. In the US busses, schools and shops
were segregated for black and white.
Parable of Sheep and Goats A Parable (story with meaning) of Jesus' that tells Christians
their responsibilities to help others. E.g. They should feed the hungry and visit the ill and
Petition Asking for something from God e.g. Please God help me pass this exam
Intercession Asking for something on behalf of others e.g. Please God help save my brother
from his illness
Thanksgiving Thanking God for something e.g. Thankyou Lord for the food we are about to
Praise Worshipping God and telling Him how great you believe He is E.g. our Father... hallowed
be thy name
Supplication Showing that you are smaller than God e.g. I bow before you Lord
Confession Telling God what you've done and asking for forgiveness e.g. Please forgive me my
Pilgrimage A journey with special religious significance. Some pilgrimages are compulsory (e.g.
Hajj) others are voluntary
Pilgrim Ihram Someone who undertakes a pilgrimage. In Islam, someone who completes Hajj is
called a Haji The state of ritual cleanliness required throughout Hajj. Pilgrims wash and wear
simple white garments.
Buddha Means `the Enlightened one' Title given to Siddharta Gautama after his
Enlightenment The experience of seeing the world clearly and truthfully. Buddha became
enlightened and realised the cause of and cure for suffering
Eightfold Path Nirvana The 8 steps Buddha taught would lead to Nirvana. Includes right
mindfulness and right livelihood. Release from the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The aim of
the Eightfold Path
Theist Someone who believes that God exists
Atheist Someone who believes that God doesn't exist
Agnostic Someone who believes we cannot know if God exists
Monotheist Belief in one God
Polytheist Belief in many Gods
Benevolence/ Benevolent All-loving
Omniscience/ Omniscient All-knowing
Omnipotence/ Omnipotent All-powerful
Creator The belief that God is responsible for creating everything that exists from nothing
Judgment The ability to come to decisions intelligently
Integrity Being trustworthy and having clear moral principles
Determination Not giving up when things get challenging
Religious experience An experience of God or Ultimate Reality (e.g. a vision of God)­ usually a
very significant event for the individual involved


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