A lot of facts about the Jewish religion



He was the first "father" of the Jews

He travelled to the land of Canaan(Israel)

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isacc. Abraham and Isacc went up the mountain and built an alter.

Just as he was about to sacrifice his son God told him to stop .

Abraham had proved that he was a god-fearing man

Abraham sacrificed a ram instead of his son

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Moses and the Exodus

This was the most important event in Jewish history

Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt

He then guided them towards Canaan

The promised land is the land promised to Abraham and his descendants

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Brit Milah (Circumcision)

The operation is carried out at home

Ten adult men are present during the operation

It should happen on the 8th day after the child is born, unless the baby is weak

The operation is performed by a doctor and mohel

The sandek is the man that holds the baby

The throne of Elijah is where the baby is placed before it is handed to the Sandek

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Shabbat (The Sabbath)

Means to cease

They remember on this day that God rested from creation

On this day no creative work is done

It lasts one day of the week

Begins at sunset on Friday and ending at nightfall on Saturday

Shabbat is a festival and is celerated in both the home and the synagogue

Shabbat lasts for 25 hours

The Challot is used to symbolise food in the wilderness

They read the Torah in the afternoon

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Shabbat (The Sabbath) Part 2

A lady comes into the house and then lights at least 2 candles

Kiddush is the blessing over wine

Havdalah means seperation

The four blessings are over an overflowing cup of wine, over a spice box, over a light and the last is to God

The light symbolises the creation

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The word kosher means proper or fit to eat

Kosher foods are:

  • Meat from animals e.g. sheep, cows, goats but not pigs
  • Fish which have both fins and scales e.g. cod and herrings but not eels or shellfish
  • Birds which are domesticated
  • Eggs and milk from kosher birds and animals

Food which is forbidden is called Tref

Food which is neither milk or meat is called Pareve

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