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A few card on views of Muslims and christians

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What are the three types of punishment?

  • Retribution - paying for their crimes; punished; criminals suffer.
  • Deterrence - to frighten people from committing crimes (to deter)
  • Reform - To change there lives; give them an education Ect.
  • Protection - protect society from criminals that cannot/ will not reform
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Why is Justice is important for Christians?

  • Christians believe that God is a God of justice - will reward the good and punish those who are bad
  • Bible says that people should be treated fairly/ to be ruled fairly (god)
  • The bible shows that Jesus showed that people should be treated fairly E.g. the poor - ' treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Christians are often invloved in working for justice E.g. Working for charities, working for poor people
  • World councill of churches - should work for 'justice, peace and the integrity of creation'.
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Why is justice important for Muslims?

  • The world should be ruled justly. and God will reward the good and punish the Bad. 
  • The Qur'an says that God is just
  • The Qur'an says that Muslims Should treat people fairly.
  • Role as vice-gerents  - to treat people fairly
  • The Shari'ah is based on justice for everyone and equal rights
  • Mulims Work for a fairer world e.g. Muslims Aid works with the poor.
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What are the Christian views against Capital punis

Against because it is seen as being un-

  • Jesus came to reform / save sinners, a dead person cannot be reformed
  • Jesus said 'an eye for an eye' and a 'tooth for tooth' is wrong
  • All life is sacred, if abortion and euthanasia are wrong then so too is this
  • Most christian churches have made staments commending it
  • agree with non religious argument against capital punishment 
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What are the Christian views for Capital punishmen

  • the old testament gives the death penalty for some offences
  • Catholic Church and Church of england have not canceled their statments that capital punishment can be used by the state
  • Christian thinkers  like Aquinas said - Protection of society is more important than reforming the criminal
  • Agree with the non religious views for 
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What are the Islamic views on capital punishment

Almost all agree with capital punishment because:

  • Punishment is set down by God in the Qur'an
  • The Qur'an and the Shari'ah state that death is the punishment for murder, adultery and denying islam.
  • Muhammad (pbuh) agreed with capital punishment  and sentenced people to death
  • Agree with the non-religious views agreeing

Some Muslims disagree basing there argument on the Non-religious views against the death penalty. other reasons:

  • Recommended in thw Qur'an but is not compulsory
  • The shari'ah says that murder victims faimlys can exept Blood money from the murderer, instead of his death.
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(most Christians) attitudes to Drugs and alcohol i

All against Drugs as they are ilegal and they abuse the Body the Body is seen as God's temple.

Alcohol and tobacco - some believe that moderation is the correct approach:

  • Jesus's first miracle - turn water into wine
  • Paul said drink in moderation
  • Jesus used bread and wine at the last supper - tradition to be continued
  • Most Churhes use alcoholic wine communion services
  • moderation is in the Catholic Church - catechism
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what is the attitude to drugs and alcohol in Islam

All prohibited

  • The Qur'an - ways in which Satan tries to keep people from God and prayer
  • Muhammad said that every intoxicant is forbiden
  • Muslim lawyers - Form of suicide you are harming your body, suicide is a great sin
  • Muhammad said that they must not sell alcohol or have anything to do with it
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