RE Revision- Drugs and Crime and Punishment

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Drug- A substance which when taken affects the bosy or mind.

Prescription Drugs- these are drugs legally obtained only with doctors consent.                       eg. Paracetamol and Asprin 

Social Drugs- these are legal drugs which are still addictive such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and drugs.                                                                                                                          eg. Achohol, Nictoine and Caffeine

Illegal Drugs- these are drugs which are against the law to posses, sell or use they are put into 3 Classifications according to their potential harm and addictiveness.                               eg. Cocaine, Ecstacy, Heroine. LSD and Amphetamines.

Four effects of drugs:

  • Stimultants eg. Caffeine
  • Depressants eg. alcohol
  • Pain Killers eg.Morphens
  • Hallucinigens eg. LSD

Christian Responses to Alcohol:


  • Jesus first miracle was to turn water into wine at a wedding.
  • The centre piece of the Christian Faith is communion.
  • Paul Says to Timothey ''Take a little wine'' for his health.
  • Confidence boost to share faith.


  • Jesus refused alcohol on the cross.
  • The book of Proverbs says: '''Wine is a mocker and Beer is a Brawler''
  • 75% of all crime is commited under the influence of alcohol.
  • Its expensive and the money used to pay for it could be used for better things to charity.

Arguments for Legalosation of Drugs:


  • It would free police to focus on other crimes.
  • Helps the economy through taxation and shuts down international drug smuggling cartens overnight.
  • It is much safer through controlled use of needles.


  • Its flat-out dangerous and morally wrong.
  • It can cause crime and hurt people.
  • Whats to stop McDonalds lacing there burgers in addictive drugs and what about the cost to the NHS.

Reasons people take Drugs-

Positive Effects- 

  • Escapism from reality,
  • Confidence,
  • Adrenelin Rush/High/Buzz,
  • Stress Relief,
  • Peer Pressure,
  • Environmental Reasons/Culture/Role Models,
  • Have a good time,
  • Cheap, easily accesable,

Christians believe the real reason people use illegal drigs is to try and fill a God shaped hole in their life. As long as their is sin in the world people will always


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