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Definition of Natural Evil

Natural Evil is evil caused by nature. An example of this is a hurricane. This is an example of natural evil as it caused by the tectonic plates in the ground. No one is to blame but nature.

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Definition of Moral Evil

Moral Evil is caused by humans. An example of Moral Evil is causing a mass murder. This is an example of Moral Evil as this human has committed it. Leaving it not being very moral.

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Definition of Suffering

Suffering means to cause pain either mental, emotional or physical to a human being or any living creature.

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Examples of Suffering

  • Discrimination
  • Starved
  • Poverty
  • Terminal Illness
  • Grieving
  • Being bullied
  • Stress
  • Slavery
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Crime
  • decapitated
  • Extreme weather
  • Greed
  • Murder
  • Neglect
  • Unemployment
  • And more
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Christian belief on suffering

Christians believe God gave them free will. An example of God giving them free will is in the Bible where God gave Eve the free will to do whatever they wanted to do. God never forced them to do anything, even not to eat the forbidden fruit. He just told them not to, rather then chain them or fenced it off.

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Jews belief on Suffering

The Jews believe that if you don't believe in God strong enough, you will be punished. However after the Holocaust, Jews would have a choice of either completly stop believing in God or become a puritan.

Puritan: Someone who is completely devoted to God.

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Muslim belief on Suffering

Muslims believe that Allah is testing their faith in him. To see which of them has complete faith and trust in Allah

'Allah gives the hardest battles to his strongest soilders'

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Definition of Theodicy

Theodicy is the debate of whether or not God exists 

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Examples of Theodicy's

Defending God 4

There has to be badness for us to understand and appreciate goodness. Meaning that if there wasn't any badness\evil no one would appreciate the goodness that we are fortunate to have.

In my opinion, I think this applys to everyone, even people who don't believe in God. Since its got nothing to do with God, but how we react to problems.

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Hindu's belief on Suffering

Hindu's believe that violence can cause bad karma and ahimsa will bring good karma.

Hindu's might not cause suffering because its the opposite of ahimsa. They believe that ahimsa gives them good karma.

To promote ahimsa Hindu's might meditate or give to charity since it is a good thing to do.

Hindu's might avoid abusing or causing and type of suffering as it makes them do moral evil.

'True ahimsa should mean complete freedom from ill-will and anger and hate and an overflowing love for all'

Ahisma- non violence

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Buddhist's Belief on Suffering

Dukha is caused by Suffering. Suffering can be removed by following the four noble truths. If we can remove tanha then we can remove Suffering. If we remove the 3 poisons from our lives, then suffering will be lessoned.

  • Greed
  • Ignorance
  • Selfishness

Dukha- nothing and no one is perfect

Tanha-the desire to have somethin

Magga-the middle way

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