GCSE RE: Revision notes: Believing in God UNIT 3 TOPIC 1

Here is a revision guide I made for R.E covering the First topic of UNIT 3: BELIEVING IN GOD

Includes all keywords and some bible quotes

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Believing in God ­ Unit 3 revision
Catholic Upbringing
How could a Catholic Upbringing lead to someone believing in god?
Children believe their parents
They see other people in church and this makes them feel God must exist
Going to a Catholic school and having R.E lessons teaches them that God must exist
Religious Experiences
Miracle: Something that breaks the laws of nature and seems that only God could have done
Prayer: An attempt to contact God. To do this is to believe God is with you.
Conversion: When life is changed by God: Changing from no faith to believing in God.
Numinous: The feeling of a presence greater than you which creates a feeling of
speechlessness e.g. birth of a baby.
Agnosticism: Not being sure if God exists
Atheism: Believing that God does not exist

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The Catholic Response to Science
"Science proves there is no place for God"
Response 1:
· Scientific explanations are true and prove that God created the world.
· It does not mean everyone should be a agnostic or atheist.
· The big bang happened at the right time at the right minute and scientific laws could only
have been made by God.
· It cannot be chance
Response 2:
· Science explanations and the bible are correct.…read more

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Version of the Philosophers Problem
· If God is all omnipotent (all powerful), he must be able to take away and stop all evil
and suffering from the world
· I god is Omni-benevolent (all good), he must wish and want to remove all evil and
suffering from the world as it cause so much pain
· So if God exist, there should be no evil or suffering in the world
· As there is, God is not powerful or all good or does not…read more


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